Why HP printers and MFPs vs Brother

Brother Printers and MFPs may carry a lower sticker price; however, this price doesn’t take into consideration their possible higher cost of ownership.

HP Devices can claim 4 main differentiators which include:

1 Energy efficient devices keep work flow moving smoothly. HP has lower energy use and thereby faster print speeds.

  • Quicker first-page delivery
  • Low-melt toner uses less heat
  • Faster duplexing means less time waiting for prints


2. HP offers high print quality across their portfolio. HP products consistently out score competing Brother products on quantitative print- quality analysis. Getting crisp prints saves time and money eliminating many reprints and costly mistakes.

• Exceptional vibrant color

• Reduce time/ money spent on reprints and troubleshooting quality issues


3. HP devices save you time with low maintenance machines. HP devices are easier to maintain than competitive Brother devices. Managing all devices, users, and cloud solutions is easy with the HP JetAdvantage On Demand admin tool instead of Brother’s device-by-device management.

Intuitive admin portal for all users and devices–

• SaaS management portal for on-the-go availability

• Global permissions for each user instead of updating permissions on each device

• Doesn’t use up device memory or processing capacity

4. Reduce ownership costs by right- sizing your fleets. HP has your needs covered, from desktop printers to innovative PageWide technology to large A3 MFPs. Choose just the right devices for your needs for better efficiency.

No more—and no less—than your users need

Multifunction printers and all-in-one devices when needed

• Desktop models for those with lower print needs

• Get devices with exactly the right mix of features for the location and use

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