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13 January 2020

Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities for Team Leaders

In today’s world, employee engagement is a critical factor in the success of an organization or business. As a manager or business owner, your goal should be more than to just be the guy that pays for the printer supplies. Your goal should be to have employees that come into work every day prepared to …

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1 November 2019

2019’s Best Color Laser Printers For Home Offices & Small Businesses

If your business does a lot of printing, it may be in your best interest to ditch the inkjet printer and invest in a laser printer.  Sure, if you are only printing a few pages here and there throughout the month, investing in color laser printers may be overkill. But if you’re tired of slow …

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31 July 2019

Must Have Law Firm Office Equipment, Machines and Supplies

If you’re a newly-formed law firm office or are starting your own practice, setting up your location with common office equipment and machines is likely to be focused on practicality. While some law firms choose to splurge on items like furniture to make a lasting impression on clients, others in more of the start-up phase …

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26 July 2019

The Advantages of HP PurchasEdge For Small Businesses

Loyalty programs can get you great deals through airlines, hotels and credit card purchases. But for small businesses, one of the best loyalty programs is the HP PurchasEdge that rewards them for buying needed office supplies. It’s a program that can save small businesses and office services companies a lot of money over the long …

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