If you’re a newly-formed law firm office or are starting your own practice, setting up your location with common office equipment and machines is likely to be focused on practicality. While some law firms choose to splurge on items like furniture to make a lasting impression on clients, others in more of the start-up phase might take the approach of buying the most viable supplies needed today to effectively serve clients.

The question then is what exactly are the most common office equipment and machines in law firm offices? According to Findlaw.com, there is a law office supplies list with common items, including:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Book Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Trash cans
  • Magazine and coat racks
  • Lamps/lighting
  • Coffee Machine
  • Typical office supplies such as pens, paper, and scissors


The one thing not mentioned in the list of equipment and supplies used in law office is printing supplies. Yet, a survey conducted by Xerox revealed 64 percent “…of small businesses can’t track how much their print devices cost them nor can they track their usage” (Smallbiztrends). And when it comes to law firms, that number is estimated to be much higher than reported.

So how does a small law practice maintain printers as part of their common law office equipment without breaking the bank? Well, it all really depends on the needs of your law firm and the type of technology you have available.

What kind of technology do lawyers use?

A law firm office might require a variety of different tools to service clients. Answering the question of what kind of technology do lawyers use is not a one-size-fits all answer. However, a similar question posed on Quora.com points to three main pieces of technology a law firm office today might use:

  • Document management system – which helps to organize records electronically
  • Electronic discovery – which is used to identify helpful records during the litigation process
  • Time and billing software – which tracks time spent on cases for billing purposes

Printers complement these systems when an electronic view is not always available. For example, real estate law firms that serve as the closing attorney for a real estate transaction definitely would need to add printers to their law office supplies list. During the closing process, the attorney helps the new and transitioning homeowners review various documents. In some cases, closings can also be done by mail, with the closing attorney printing out and “…sending the paperwork overnight and setting up alternate payment methods.”

What Types of Printers Should A Law Firm Office Use?

A simple Google search today of printers for law firm offices will present you with 30 million mix-bag results of printer brands and outsourced printing options. According to research and user testing conducted by the balancesmb.com, there are eight printers that make the list for the best of 2019. The brands include Brother, Canon, Xerox, HP, Samsung, and Epson and each one provides its own unique benefit to be considered as part of law office equipment.

Brother Laser All-in-One: This printer is ideal for small law firm offices with higher print volumes. Replacement toner cartridges have a super high-yield of 6,500 pages; yet still deliver low cost, business quality output. The printer also features an automatic duplex print/scan/copy/fax option, a 70-page capacity auto document feeder, and includes legal-size scan glass. Best of all, you can find the Brother MFC-L8900CDW at a great price.

Xerox VersaLink: If your law firm office deals with a lot of non-English speaking clients, this printer is very convenient. As balancesmb.com points out, this printer is “…part of Xerox’s array of VersaLink devices, which come fully-loaded with features meant to increase workplace productivity, like the Xerox Easy Translator Service app, which quickly translates scanned documents into other languages.” It takes your team to new levels of productivity with connectivity from any device from both cloud and network-based locations. Find the Xerox Versalink B405 here.

HP Designjet: Larger format printers come in handy when you have to print out large drawings or schematics that might be required during a client meeting or even a court case. The HP DesignPrint is considered the smallest large-format printer out there, with the ability to print documents up to 24 inches in width and virtually from any connected laptop, iOS or Android device. Find out how can get a great price for the HP Designjet T120.

Samsung Xpress: If you’re looking for speedy mobile printing ability, the Samsung Xpress is one printer you should definitely check out. It also features advanced NFC technology, which enables you to print documents with a simple tap on a participating device. You’ll have no issues printing documents quickly with its 21 pages-per-minute print speed. The Samsung Xpress M2020W is available today at a can’t miss price.

Epson WorkForce: Considered the world’s lightest and smallest mobile printer, the Epson Workforce will take your law firm workforce to the next level. What also makes this printer unique is its built-in chargeable battery allowing you to print on the go. Imagine being able to print invoices, contracts and more from your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone or laptop. The Epson WorkForce WF-100 is definitely a must-have for any law office supplies list.

Making the final decision on equipment and supplies used in law office

So that you know about the best printers to consider adding to your law office equipment inventory how do you ultimately decide on which one to choose? Consider the types of clients you see on a regular basis and whether you’ll need to print on the go, in large format, or in large quantities. Be realistic about what you need versus what’s nice to have to avoid overspending and look for great bargains on name-brand printers.