Sometimes you just need to print one more page or document urgently, but your printer is not cooperating. HP ink cartridge errors that pop up will stonewall you from completing your print job, causing frustration, and wasting precious time. The best solution is to keep extra ink cartridges on hand, but if you’re out and there’s no time to get a replacement, you might decide to attempt to override the ink cartridge errors on your HP printer temporarily to get your print job finished. Here are some of your options if you find yourself in this situation.

About Ink Cartridge Errors

What is this Ink Cartridge Error about anyway? Your printer is probably relatively new, in brand new condition since it has sat in the same spot in your office since you bought it, updated with the latest software… So why are you getting errors at all? Usually, the errors will simply be to inform you the ink levels are low and you need to install a new cartridge, but here are some of the most common ink cartridge errors that might pop up on your HP printer.

“One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace them with new cartridges.”

This is a common error message that can come up on a variety of different HP printers and can mean many different things are wrong depending on the different models. There’s a few basic steps you can try to resolve this problem, no matter which model printer you use.

Clean the Cartridge Contacts:  one of the most common reasons you might get a cartridge problem error when your cartridges are new and full is the contacts on the cartridge might be dirty or otherwise obscured from making good contact with the electronics in the printer head carriage. Remove the cartridges, and use a lint-free cloth or Q-tip to carefully wipe and clean the gold metal chip on the bottom corner of the cartridge. Work one by one and replace the cartridge you finish cleaning before starting on the next one. To go the extra step, you can use an alcohol-based solution to wipe the contacts too.

Wipe Contacts Inside the Printer:   once you’ve cleaned the contacts on the cartridge side, if the error still persists, you might want to try cleaning the corresponding contacts on the printer side. Simply take out the cartridges one by one, and use a Q-tip with some alcohol solution to gently wipe down the metal contacts inside the printer cartridge carousel. Be extra careful not to leave behind and scraps of cleaning material, as the internal contacts can have sharp raised edges that are likely to snag the cotton or cloth you are using to clean.

Try Another Cartridge: Lastly, if neither of the previous steps resolved the issue, you should try to replace the cartridge with a new one. This will help you track down the cause of the problem because if the new cartridge works without issue, you will know the problem was with the old cartridge itself. If a brand new cartridge still has the same exact error message, there is likely a problem with the printer hardware itself. In this case, reach out the HP directly with your purchase and warranty information and they should be able to help get you set up with a replacement or repair.

How To Disable Ink Cartridge Errors On Hp Printers

Are you encountering problems with your HP printer when attempting to use a generic ink cartridge? If you are using generic ink cartridges, HP has made them incompatible with their printers. There are many good reasons to stick with authentic ink cartridges directly from the manufacturer rather than cutting corners with refilled or refurbished ink cartridges, but if you’ve already made the choice to use them, here’s how to get them working with your printer.

If your printer is an offline model, not connected to the internet, follow these steps:

  • From the Printer menu, go to Printer Settings
  • Find the option that allows you to disable HP cartridge protection
  • Select the disable option
  • Click Apply and Save if necessary

If your printer is an online model that is connected to the internet, follow these steps instead:

  • Open a web browser and type in your HP printer’s IP address on the web address.
  • Note: The IP address of your printer can be found by going to Printer Settings and then Network Setup options.
  • Your printer’s Embedded Web server opens. Go to Settings and then HP Cartridge Protection.
  • Select Disable HP Cartridge Protection
  • Click on Apply or Save

How To Program The Printer To Ignore The Ink Level

Something else you can do is Disable Low-Ink Warnings, though this will not really get you any extra pages or print out of your printer, you will no longer see the annoying warning messages on your printer screen.

To disable the low ink warnings:

  • The first thing you should check for is an option that says “Don’t Show This Again” on the low ink level warning message. If there is such an option, simply check it off and you will be done. Otherwise…
  • From the Start menu of your Windows computer, look for and select “Printers and Faxes”.
  • Find your HP Printer and right-click on its icon to select the “properties” menu.
  • Click on the “Ports” tab in the properties window and click on the checkmark in the box that says “Enable Bi-Directional Support.” Make sure the box no longer has a checkmark and click on “Apply” then “OK.”

Use The Printer With One Empty Cartridge

The settings on your printer may allow you to print when one cartridge is empty. Numerous HP printers, however, block-printing when one cartridge is empty. Consequently, you have to purchase an ink cartridge replacement to get back to printing if your printer model doesn’t allow for this. Changing your printer’s settings to override HP’s empty cartridge “blocking mechanism” is the only way to override this obstacle.

  • Access the printer control panel by pressing the “Menu” button.
  • Using the Left and Right arrow buttons, find the “Service” setting and press “Enter.”
  • Using the Left and Right arrow buttons again, find the “Restore Defaults”, highlight it and then press “Enter.”
  • Your printer has now been reset to its original factory default settings.
  • Go to your computer and click “Print” from the file that you wanted to print.
  • Click on “Properties” and then the “Color” tab next.
  • Select the “Print in grayscale” option by clicking on its checkbox.
  • You can now start printing in black and white.

Use The Printer With A Single Cartridge

Some HP printers have a “single-cartridge mode” that allows the printer to work with just a single ink cartridge installed, instead of having all 4 cartridges full. Not all HP printers have this feature.

There are no complicated instructions for this mode, all you have to do is remove the empty cartridges from your printer and close it back up with the single full cartridge installed.  During single-cartridge mode, the printer will only print jobs initiated from the computer.

When the HP Printer is operating in single-cartridge mode, a message is displayed on the screen. If you see this message when multiple cartridges are installed, take them out and make sure the safety tabs and any stickers or tape have been removed. To exit the Single Cartridge mode, simply replace the missing cartridges back into your HP printer.

Stay Stocked on Printer Ink

Ultimately, the best option to keep printing when your printer begins to complain and display ink errors is to have spare cartridges on hand. Staying a step ahead and keeping your home office or small business stocked with office and printing supplies is easy when you shop on Thanks to their direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, Blue Dog Ink is able to offer the lowest prices on authentic printer inks and toners.