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20 November 2019

Using The HP Printer App For Wireless Printing

Hewlett-Packard has created a printing app that can be used on almost any Apple or Android device. It enables you to send any content you wish, including text documents, webpages, and photos, from your cell phone to nearby HP printers, using your wireless network. Many HP printers are now ePrint enabled, which means that wireless […]

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7 October 2019

HP Instant Ink Review – What You Should Know Before Signing Up

HP Instant Ink is an ink subscription service that HP offers.  The program works similarly to many other popular monthly subscription services, however, there are a few important things that you should know about before signing up. We’re going to break down the finer points of HP Instant Ink for you so that you can […]

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26 July 2019

The Advantages of HP PurchasEdge For Small Businesses

Loyalty programs can get you great deals through airlines, hotels and credit card purchases. But for small businesses, one of the best loyalty programs is the HP PurchasEdge that rewards them for buying needed office supplies. It’s a program that can save small businesses and office services companies a lot of money over the long […]

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25 July 2019

HP JetAdvantage Security

Shared printing environments can create costly security risks for businesses. There are so many possible security breaches – sensitive documents may be seen by unauthorized users left at printers. Abandoned or misplaced prints waste time, supplies, and paper. In multi-business print environments, secure printing can be even more complicated because it requires multiple solutions from […]

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