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7 June 2021

How to Override HP Ink Cartridge Errors

Sometimes you just need to print one more page or document urgently, but your printer is not cooperating. HP ink cartridge errors that pop up will stonewall you from completing your print job, causing frustration, and wasting precious time. The best solution is to keep extra ink cartridges on hand, but if you’re out and …

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2 June 2021

What is HP Jumpstart?

If you’ve recently purchased a new HP laptop or Desktop computer you will probably have noticed one of the preloaded programs waiting for you on your new device: HP JumpStart. Many people wonder what this program is, whether it is safe to use and if they should delete it from their system. We answer all …

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28 May 2021

How to Disable Touchscreen on HP Devices (The Complete Guide)

If you’ve been wondering how to disable the touchscreen function of your HP laptop this post will cover all the steps and questions you might have. We’ve compiled all the different ways you can turn the touchscreen off with step-by-step instructions and the main differences between the methods, read on to learn more. Why Disable …

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24 May 2021

A Complete Guide to Factory Resetting Your HP Laptop

Sometimes when it comes to computer maintenance, you have to resort to the nuclear option: a full factory reset of the laptop. Wiping all the data from your machine and starting with a blank slate is an extreme step to take for simple upkeep, but when you’ve considered all your options and decided it’s time …

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