Loyalty programs can get you great deals through airlines, hotels and credit card purchases. But for small businesses, one of the best loyalty programs is the HP PurchasEdge that rewards them for buying needed office supplies.

It’s a program that can save small businesses and office services companies a lot of money over the long run. That’s because the program allows members to get free office supplies that they can buy using points accumulated with their regular HP office supply purchases.

It’s a win-win. HP gets loyal customers. Office managers and small businesses get quality HP products and save money doing it.

Amazingly, not all companies take advantage of this opportunity. Yet it’s a must for any business that is buying HP toners or ink products, intends to buy HP products and wants to cut any waste out of their operation.

Who Is HP PurchasEdge For?

Loyalty programs are offered by office supply companies because they are working to retain customers. That gives business customers an advantage when they shop around for an office supplier. They’ll find that the HP Loyalty program is among the best available because of the combination of cost savings and high-quality supplies.

HP PurchasEdge can work for any size company. However, it often has the biggest impact on small businesses that are watching every penny spent on office supplies (and everything else). With HP PurchasEdge, they get to eventually save money by getting the products they need by spending points rather than dollars.

They also save because HP will pay for all the shipping and taxes on the products that businesses purchase with points.

Thankfully, it’s also not an extra paperwork headache for small businesses. Office managers can continue to make purchases through their HP Qualified Supplies Partner. The partner will submit the invoices – there’s no added work for the business. The office supply partner does all the paperwork for you.

Another excellent feature of the loyalty program is that businesses can donate their points. HP PurchasEdge has partnered with more than 100 charities and non-profit organizations that businesses can choose to donate their points to, allowing them to get free office supplies. Points can be shared at any amount level and at any point in time.

All these features make HP PurchasEdge a good choice for any business. The bottom line is that businesses get rewarded with free supplies for purchases they intended to make anyway.

How HP PurchasEdge Works

HP PurchasEdge rewards those who order their supplies from HP. Over time, members in the program can build up enough points to purchase items. They include popular products such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, PDAs and more. There are more than 350 different HP products available through the program.

Businesses earn one point for every $4 the company spends on qualifying HP supplies. These points than can be used to buy HP products. The points can be redeemed at any time so that businesses get the supplies they need when they need them.

Points are also earned by recycling HP LaserJet, HP ink and Samsung toner cartridges by joining the HP Planet Partners program. This free and convenient program allows businesses to recycle empty cartridges and earn up to 10 points every time they recycle.

Once they become a member, businesses receive e-statements from HP that provides an accountant summary. They also include exclusive offers for HP members and news about the HP PurchasEdge program.

Am I Eligible For HP PurchasEdge?

To be eligible for the HP PurchasEdge program, the business must be in the United States or Canada. They also must spend at least $500 each year on qualifying Original HP supplies.

That relatively small amount is another reason why the program is attractive to small businesses – it’s an easy requirement to meet.

Step By Step Process

Joining is an easy process. In order to become an HP PurchasEdge member, contact your qualified HP supplier or go directly to the HP website. Here’s a summary of the simple steps to enter the program.

  • If you are eligible, sign up to be a member. It’s free and you’ll get 150 points just for signing up
  • Let your office supplier know you are an HP member
  • Earn one point for every $4 you spend on qualified HP supplies
  • Also earn up to 10 points for recycling empty HP toner cartridges
  • Your office supplier will handle submitting all the invoices to HP – there’s no extra work
  • Receive emails that will alert you to specials – in the past, for example, printers that cost more than 3,000 points have gone on sale for less than 700 points.
  • Use your points to get free HP supplies, including printers and HD cameras.
  • You can also donate your points to one of 100 charities that have partnered with HP

It’s a simple, straightforward program that benefits those who are loyal in buying supplies from HP. If you are with a business that is doing that – or wants to do that – than the HP PurchasEdge program is really one of those programs you must sign up for. There’s no downside and tons of benefits.