Consistent Outstanding Print Quality

With Unison Toner you’ll get consistently outstanding image quality leading to increased productivity. Documents printed with Unison Toner look great from the first to the last page because of its unique formulation. In monochrome, Unison Toner delivers rich black and grays with sharp details. Unison Toner delivers vibrant color with precise details enhanced by Lexmark’s technology for the Pantone® color system. Even when the cartridge is low, there’s no fading and no need to shake the cartridge.


Long-Life System Reliability

Unison Toner‘s unique low friction qualities increase the flow, and contributes to its ability to transfer efficiently, contributing to less toner waste. Unison Toner reduces wear on long-life components and protects the overall system. The new print system, of separate toner and imaging unit design and a high-yield fuser, maximizes the longevity of the components delivering long-term reliability, time, money and the environmental savings.

Amazing Sustainability

Sustainability is even more important today— this is where Unison takes a revolutionary leap forward. According to a recent Life Cycle Study by an independent firm, Unison’s cartridge technology has a per-page carbon footprint that is as much as 46% smaller than Lexmark’s largest competitor.* And, Unison uses less energy than our previous toners because it prints at a lower temperature. On average, Lexmark‘s new devices have reduced Total Energy Consumption by more than 1/3rd.  Unison’s advanced toner science makes these energy savings real—while also boosting office productivity.

* Based on a comparison of A4 cartridges conducted for Lexmark by WSP Environment and Energy, LLC.

Innovative Shake-Free Print System Design

Unison Toner is technologically advanced. It’s unique formulation is comprised of special characteristics and performance attributes. Unison delivers consistent print results with less toner waste.

These properties contribute to Unison’s great performance and make key product features possible.

Unison Increases Productivity

Business is fast-paced, and you need a printer that moves at the same speed. Designed for high performance and increased productivity, Lexmark’s print system is powered by Unison Toner. Because of its formulation, Unison starts printing sooner than our previous toners, so you won’t waste time waiting for documents to print.

The newest Lexmark printers have many time-saving tools that will help you work smarter.

Advanced Supplies Features

The Lexmark print system’s advanced features take the guesswork out of supplies, so you’ll get the most from your Lexmark printer. Your printer will automatically alert you when supplies begin to run low – either on-screen at the printer or remotely. And, when supplies get really low, your Lexmark printer will display the estimated number of pages remaining—so you’ll always know exactly when replacement supplies are needed.

Supplies Programs

Unison Toner, both mono and color, is eligible for the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP). It’s an easy, free way to return and recycle empty cartridges. Lexmark practices zero landfill for cartridges—reusing or recycling all returns through LCCP. Currently, our collection programs are available in more than 60 countries, which represent 90 percent of our global market. Program availability / details varies.