HP Printer

In order to get the best print quality and have your HP printer and Multifunction Product (MFP) run smoothly, HP recommends using genuine HP long life consumables (LLCs) which include HP fuser kits, maintenance kits, toner collection units, image transfer kits and automatic document feeder.

Toner/Ink collection unit

HP uses several different methods to collect paper fibers, unused toner,  and dust in the imaging system. Some TCUs are built into the HP all-in-one cartridges; while others are physically incorporated into an LLC or packaged w/ a maintenance kit.

The TCU is an easy-to-replace, high-yield HP supply designed to reduce user intervention rates. On many devices, the printer control panel provides an alert when the TCU is almost done and a replacement is needed shortly.

Transfer kit

While your HP device’s original transfer belt and drum are built to last the test of time, they do wear down and may require replacement. The HP Image Transfer Kit has everything you need to ensure your printer keeps delivering optimal print quality.

Fuser kit

The fusing assembly in the HP device bonds the toner to paper through a combo of heat and pressure. The HP Fuser Maintenance Kit makes replacing your device’s fusing assembly simple.

ADF maintenance kit

The HP device’s ADF makes scanning and copying documents quick and simple. Keep your ADF working properly with an HP ADF Maintenance Kit.

Recycling Made Easy

After installing the replacement kit in your printer, easily recycle the old parts for free through the HP Planet Partners Program.

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