Shared printing environments can create costly security risks for businesses. There are so many possible security breaches – sensitive documents may be seen by unauthorized users left at printers. Abandoned or misplaced prints waste time, supplies, and paper.

In multi-business print environments, secure printing can be even more complicated because it requires multiple solutions from different manufacturers.

HP JetAdvantage Secure Print is a cloud‐based solution that increases security by releasing documents only to authorized users. Print jobs are held in a protected queue until users are verified. Unprinted jobs are automatically deleted based on your company’s expiration policy.

HP JetAdvatage Secure Print provides three different optionsThe solution helps cut costs by reducing waste and increasing productivity— without a need for addtn’l onsite servers, storage, and software. It’s easy to set up and use, and it supports multivendor devices.

HP JetAdvantage Secure Print solution is available on the HP JetAdvantage On Demand web portal. From this central application , you can access and manage industry-leading apps and assign user access.


For an additional fee, the HP JetAdvantage Secure Print solution integrates HP JetAdvantage Insights, which is a print analytics module. This module allows you to track and gather print data, analyze the results, and finally, create reports. You gain powerful insights into your company’s print environment through timely reports that provide monthly print volume and costs, print device details, and more. This will ultimately help you to reduce waste and time.