How to take a screenshot on an HP tablet

Because there is no physical keyboard on the HP tablet, people may not realize it’s possible to take a screenshot. Because of the lack of a keyboard, the process is more similar to how you would take a screenshot with your phone than with your computer.

  • Press and hold down the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time and keep them held down.
  • After just a few seconds, the screen will flash and your screenshot will be captured.
  • The screenshot will be automatically saved in the Photos folder on your tablet.

How to take a screenshot on an HP desktop or laptop computer

The easiest way to take a screenshot on your HP computer is to use the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This key will usually be labeled “PrtSc” on most HP computers, though it may be somewhat different from model to model). On most HP laptops, you’ll find the Print Screen key beside the Delete key.

Method – 1: Windows Key + Prt Sc

  • Press both the Windows and Print Screen keys simultaneously. Your screen will flicker for a second, to indicate that it took a screenshot
  • Navigate to the “Pictures” folder, located under “This PC” in your file explorer.
  • Your screenshots will all be stored inside the “Screenshots” folder

Method – 2: Snipping Tool

A handy tool customizable to your needs, the snipping option enables you to select what portion of the screen you want to capture. This tool works on all Windows variants, not just HP computers, regardless of the operating system.

To open the snipping tool, simply hit the windows button and type “snipping tool” into the search bar. Once the tool starts you will see that there are a few different options at the top for taking screenshots, and also for highlighting and editing those screenshots.

How To Take A Screenshot on HP Using Snipping Tool‌

Click on ‘New’ or hit ‘Ctrl + N’ on your keyboard. You can choose your desired shape of the screenshot from the different modes Snipping Tool offers. The rectangular snip is the default and the mode you will likely find yourself using most often. Aside from that basic option, there are three other ways to capture your screen:

  • The Free-form Snip allows you to capture your screen in any shape you want, though you may have some time cutting out perfect shapes using a mouse.
  • Window Snip helps you capture the entire window with a click of a button.
  • The Full-screen Snip captures your entire screen all at once. This option is particularly useful for people who use multiple monitors as it enables them to capture all their screens at once as a single image.

Once you’ve captured your screenshot, you can save it in your desired location by pressing Ctrl + S, or choosing ‘Save’ from the application menu.

Method – 3: Windows + Shift + S

This method is a shortcut to access the Snipping Tool mentioned above. By simultaneously pressing Windows + Shift + S, you will capture a screenshot that will be copied to your clipboard. You may paste your copied screenshot by pressing Ctrl + V, or you can edit and save it with the View option.

How to Screenshot on an HP Phone

HP hasn’t released a new cell phone for some years, but the last generation of HP phones like the HP Elite x3 were well built and powerful devices, and some are still in use today. If you’re an HP phone user and want to take a screenshot the steps are simple:

  • Go to the screen or application you want to create a screenshot of
  • Click on the Windows search and search for the “Cuts” application
  • Open the application and click on “Defer” and define a time in seconds after which the capture will be made. A few seconds should be fine to get back to the screen you’re taking a screenshot of.
  • Once the screenshot is created it will be saved automatically in the default photo gallery of your phone.

Another method you may prefer to take screenshots is by using the capture option in the notification bar:

  • Go to the screen or application you want to create a screenshot of
  • Pull down the notification bar and select the “Capture” option.
  • Once the screenshot is created it will be saved automatically in the default photo gallery of your phone.

Why do people take screenshots?

Here’s some of the most common reasons someone might need to take a screenshot on their HP Device:

  • To save a picture to use as wallpaper on your phone
  • To easily access a facebook post or link later on
  • To save gift or shopping ideas
  • To show someone a high score on a game
  • To help someone understand something or ask someone for help with something
  • To save a comment on social media in case it’s deleted later
  • To save receipts or gift card barcodes
  • To post it on social media
  • To share it with friends privately
  • To use with IFTTT to save it to my dropbox, calendar or to do list
  • To easily access a portion of an email, like an address or access code
  • To have an easy to do or shopping list for the day