So you’ve just bought a new Canon Printer for your home or your office and now it’s time to set it up.  Printer technology has come a long way over the past several years, so most printers are pretty much plug-and-play these days. However, if you plan to use the wireless printing features, you will need to connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi first. Here is how that is done.

Using The WPS Method

The easiest way to get your printer connected to Wi-Fi is by using the WPS method. First, you’ll want to make sure that your router has a WPS push button.

Once you’ve confirmed your router will work, the next thing to do is to turn the printer on and hold down the Wi-Fi button on the printer control panel until you see the flashing light.

Now, press the WPS button on your router and wait for the light next to the Wi-Fi button to begin flashing. This flashing indicates that the printer is searching for the network. Once the printer has found your Wi-Fi, you will see the light on the printer begin to flash. Once the light stops flashing, your printer is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

To confirm that your printer is correctly connected to the Wi-Fi network you can do a test print of your printer’s network settings. To do this, press and hold the ‘Resume/Cancel’ button until the alarm light flashes 15 times. Once it does, release the button and a network settings page will print.

Make sure that the ‘Connection’ settings show that it is ‘Active’ and that the SSID shows the name of your wireless network.

Steps To Connect Your Printer To A Wi-Fi Network With WPS

  1. Check your wireless router for a WPS push button
  2. Power on your printer and hold down the wi-fi button
  3. Once the wi-fi button begins to flash, hold down the WPS button
  4. Wait for the power and wi-fi lights to stop flashing
  5. Print out your network settings by holding the ‘Resume/Cancel’ button and wait for the light to flash 15 times.
  6. Check the network settings to make sure the printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

If after completing the WPS setup your printer is still not properly connected, you can move on to the standard setup method.

Standard Wi-Fi Connection Method

The first thing you will want to insert the installation CD or download the installation driver that is appropriate for your printer.  Begin going through the installation steps and when it asks for your connection type, choose “wireless connection”. If at any point the installation tool asks for your administrator password enter that in to continue setup.

Next, you will begin the process of connecting to the network. The installer will ask you if you’d like to use the WPS method or the cableless setup method – choose the cableless setup option.

Once you are on the cableless setup screen, you will want to hold down the printer’s wi-fi button until you see the orange light flash two times. Once the light flashes two times, release the wi-fi button.

Once you see the blue wi-fi light begin to flash quickly, click next on the setup screen. At this point, your printer should be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Connect Your Printer To A Wi-Fi Network With Standard Connection

  1. Insert Setup CD or Download Installation Driver
  2. Begin going through the on-screen setup steps
  3. Select the ‘wireless connection’ option
  4. Select the cableless setup method
  5. Hold the printer’s wi-fi button until the orange light flashes twice
  6. Release the wi-fi button and wait for the blue light to flash quickly.

Installing Your Canon Printer

Once your printer is properly connected to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll want to set up the printer on your computer.

If you used the WPS setup method, you will want to insert the installation CD or download the installation driver that is appropriate for your printer.  If you used the Standard setup option, just continue going through the steps on your screen.

Typically, the first step will be to select your region and country. Select the part of the world and country you’re located in and move to the next step.

Depending on the operating system you’re using, you will be presented with a series of different pieces of software to install on your machine. These options will be preselected, so simply click ‘Next’.

Next, you will be presented with the printer license agreement. Read through the agreement and then click “Yes” to agree with the terms. After you’ve agreed to the license terms, click next through the remaining installation steps.

Depending on your operating system, you may be prompted with a screen that asks you to confirm the SSID settings.  Just make sure that the SSID value presented matches your wi-fi router.

Once you’ve completed the setup process, go into your printer settings and print a test page to confirm the connection works.

Canon Printer Installation Steps

  1. Insert Setup CD or Download Installation Driver
  2. Select your region and the country you reside in
  3. Install the required printer software
  4. Agree to the printer license
  5. Continue through the setup steps
  6. Once complete, print a test page from the printer settings to confirm the connection