how to change epson printer ink

Many people believe that replacing an older ink cartridge with a new one is a difficult task and involves disassembling the printer altogether, however, that is rarely the case. Changing the ink cartridges in Epson printers is actually a relatively simple task.

Before you change the ink in an Epson printer there are two things you need to do first:

  • Always try and have new Epson ink cartridges on hand. Once the ink levels go below the marker, it is an indication to prepare to refill or replace the cartridge. If you do not replace the cartridge immediately, you will risk drying out the ink heads, which will prevent the printer from working.
  • Epson printers will flash an orange light when the ink is out, notifying you that you need to replace a cartridge. You will need to constantly check which ink cartridge you need to replace.

Changing ink in Epson Printer

There are a few easy steps that you need to follow to change ink in an Epson printer.  Before getting started, we recommend you wear gloves or have a clean towel nearby to avoid the ink from smearing on your hands.

  • Most Epson printers come with a built-in scanner. Slowly lift that part from the sides to locate the print head. You will notice a moving part inside the printer holding the cartridges. Make sure the print head stops moving before you proceed. Do not touch the white ribbon or the print head immediately after lifting the scanner. This could damage the printer.
  • Depending on the model you are using, your printer may have a “Stop” button (denoted by a triangle symbol). On most models, it will be located on the right side of the control panel. Press this button to stop the printer.
  • Check for the empty cartridge by pressing each of the buttons in the printhead. If you do not want to do this step manually, you can open the Epson Status Monitor on your computer to show which cartridges that have run out of ink.
  • Shake the new cartridge before opening its seal. There will be two tabs on the cartridge: green and yellow. Remove the yellow tab and not the green one. Removing the green chip can cause the cartridge to malfunction
  • Open the printhead and take the empty cartridge out by releasing the plastic tab in the back. Do not wiggle the cartridge while attempting to remove the cartridge. Try to pull it straight up so that it won’t disturb the other adjacent cartridges.
  • Put the new cartridge into the empty slot and press the locks down to hold the cartridge firmly within the printhead. There will be a “click” sound when the cartridge fits into the groove correctly.
  • If you need to change more than one cartridge, repeat the same steps above.
  • Once you finish, close the printer. Keep the printer switched off for several minutes. It can take up to five minutes for the printer to process the new ink.
  • Press the start/power button. The power light will flash, indicating the printer is processing the ink.
  • Do not unplug or switch the printer off at this stage.
  • When you see the power light is stable, the printer is now ready for use.

After completing the steps above, your ink status should now be listed as full or near-full. We hope this guide was helpful and you are able to print with no issues once again!