There are quite a few different HP wireless printer models that have been produced over the years. If you’re looking to buy replacement ink, troubleshoot an issue or find out more information about your printer online, you will need to be able to know your printer’s model number. Here are a few of the different ways to find the right model number of your HP wireless printer.

How To Find A Model Number On An HP Wireless Printer

To find the product or model number, you will first need to know what you’re looking for. The model number will look something like this (K7V40A). This is the product number that gives you the exact model number of the printer. This is the number you can use to purchase cartridge replacements and find support on HP’s website.

Find It Printed On The Printer

First, you should be looking at the printer itself. You should be able to find the product name on the outer portion of the printer. If you can’t find it labeled directly on the outside, you should be able to find it either on the back portion of the printer near the power input, underneath the printer, or even inside where you place the cartridges.

Use HP Printer Software

Another good way to ensure that you are able to find the right model number for your wireless printer would be to use the printer software that is needed to use your printer. By using HP Printer Assistant, HP LaserJet, or HP Solution Center software, you should be able to find all of the identifying information that you need including the model number.

HP Printer Assistant.

If you are looking to use this software to find it, you will want to follow these directions. Go to Print > Scan & Fax. Then, navigate to Print > Maintain Your Printer. From there, you should be able to click on the Device Information tab which will give you all the information you need including the model number.

HP LaserJet Software.

If you are using HP LaserJet software, you will simply navigate to HP Device Toolbox and click on the name of your printer. From there, navigate to the Home tab > Device Configuration. In the Device Configuration settings, you will be able to see the serial number of your printer along with the model name and number.

HP Solution Center.

If you are using the HP Solution Center, you should click on Help at the bottom portion of the software’s window. From there, you can navigate to Tools > Technical Information. Within the Technical Information tab, you will find the printers name and the model number.

There are plenty of different HP wireless printers that you might be looking to find the model name for including but not limited to HP OfficeJet Pro 7740, HP OfficeJet 3830 (K7V40A), HP Color LaserJet Pro M281fdw (T6B82A), HP LaserJet Pro M501dn, HP Envy 7855, HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 (1MR78A), HP OfficeJet 250 (CZ992A) and more.

Typically, you want to start looking on the printer itself. HP usually prints the model number in an easy to locate and identify the location. If needed, you can always opt to find the exact model number via the installed software needed to use the printer.