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How To Economize The Use Of Ink In HP Printers

One thing that is on the mind of every inkjet printer owner is how to reduce their printer’s ink consumption. HP Ink cartridges can be very pricey, so being able to reduce the amount of ink used and maximize the printing output can be a big money saver. While every printer is different, here are […] ...
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HP Instant Ink Compatible Printers

Are you thinking about enrolling in HP’s ink subscription program, HP Instant Ink? Before signing up for the program, you will need to make sure that your printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink cartridges.  While there are hundreds of printers that are eligible for HP Instant Ink, it’s important that you confirm your printer […] ...
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How To Check Ink Levels On Canon Printer

If you have a Canon printer, there will come a time where you need to figure out just how much ink is left. No cartridge lasts forever, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is an empty ink cartridge when they need to print an important document. Understanding how much ink you have […] ...
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How To Print From An Android Phone To An HP Printer

If you own an Android phone there’s a good chance you’re going to need to print a document or photo at some point. Android phones are excellent pieces of technology, and as such, give users quite a few options when it comes to connecting to printers. Here are a few of the easiest ways to […] ...
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How To Replace Ink Cartridges On A Canon Pixma Printer

Getting Started – Buy Replacement Ink Cartridges First things first, you’ll want to make sure you’ve bought new ink cartridges for your Canon Pixma printer. Make sure to double-check if the new ink cartridges are compatible with your printer. You can check your printer manual or simply search online for ink cartridges for your printer […] ...
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How to Check The Ink Levels on Your HP Printer

This is one of the frustrations of modern office life. Wanting to make sure everything is in line, that when you hint save or print there won’t be an error, it can be a lot of stress when a deadline is coming due or you have a short window to make a supply run and […] ...
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Different Ways To Find A Model Number For An HP Wireless Printer

There are quite a few different HP wireless printer models that have been produced over the years. If you’re looking to buy replacement ink, troubleshoot an issue or find out more information about your printer online, you will need to be able to know your printer’s model number. Here are a few of the different […] ...
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Which HP Printers Support AirPrint?

More and more frequently, people are using their mobile devices and they use them for a variety of reasons. Not only do they look up information, but there are also times when they would like to print out the information as well. When you have an HP printer equipped with AirPrint, it can make your […] ...
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