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A Short Guide on How to Clean a Computer Screen Effectively 

Before You Start It’s time to get your laptop or computer screen bright and fresh again, nothing is worse than a grimed-up monitor full of dried-up droplets, dust, and fingerprints. If you want to do the job right, turn off and unplug your monitor or power down your laptop and gather the supplies you’ll need. […] ...
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The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the WPS Pin on Any Printer

What is a WPS Pin? Do I even need it?  WPS is a feature of most modern routers that people neglect to use because they don’t even realize it exists. WPS is the easiest and fastest way to connect a new device to your wifi network, without having to find or share the long and […] ...
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Choosing the Best Printer – The Top Things To Consider

When shopping for a new printer for your home or office, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the features, brands, and options available to you. There is no shortage of printers you can choose from, ranging from simple and inexpensive to feature-rich, high-end printers with price tags to match. In this post, we will […] ...
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A simple guide on how to take a screenshot on a Dell Laptop

Screenshot Method – 1: Dell Keyboard Shortcuts Depending on the model of the laptop, the label for Print Screen keys may vary. Generally, Dell laptops mark the Print Screen key with the word ‘Prt Sc’. This is also known as F10, and you will find it in the top row of your keyboard. Some Dell […] ...
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How To Clean a Printer Printhead: A 3 Step Guide For Every Clog

We’ve all been there before: we need to urgently print a document for school or for work, but the printer shows an error and it’s not something you can dismiss to continue. Regardless of what brand of inkjet printer you use, clogged printheads are inevitable, and seem to happen at the worst possible times. We […] ...
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Why Is My Printer Offline?

Are you being driven crazy by an error message telling you your printer is offline? Believe it or not, printer connectivity issues are still rampant today and can cause quite a bit of trouble for your business – especially if you don’t know what to do about it. There are instances when troubleshooting an offline […] ...
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How To Print From Your iPhone Using AirPrint

One of the great things about Apple products like iPhones and iPads is how easy they are to use. Luckily it’s no exception when it comes to setting up printers on your apple devices. Apple devices come with a feature called AirPrint that allows you to wirelessly print to any printer that supports the feature. […] ...
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How To Connect A Brother Printer to Wifi

So you’ve just bought a new Brother printer and now you want to connect it to your wi-fi network. Don’t fret, we’ve put together a simple tutorial on how to connect Brother printer to wifi to make your life a little easier. No matter what type of computer you use, you should be able to […] ...
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