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31 July 2019

Must Have Law Firm Office Equipment, Machines and Supplies

If you’re a newly-formed law firm office or are starting your own practice, setting up your location with common office equipment and machines is likely to be focused on practicality. While some law firms choose to splurge on items like furniture to make a lasting impression on clients, others in more of the start-up phase […] ...
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31 July 2019

Ricoh Unified Communication System Advanced Service

Share information from anywhere Use the RICOH Unified Communication System (UCS) Advanced Service to communicate easily wherever you are. With this smart cloud-based service, you can create your own video conference in seconds from almost any device, on any network, anywhere. Eliminate expensive infrastructure, utilities and dedicated software — and avoid typical delays and ongoing […] ...
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29 July 2019

Lexmark’s Unison Toner

Consistent Outstanding Print Quality With Unison Toner you’ll get consistently outstanding image quality leading to increased productivity. Documents printed with Unison Toner look great from the first to the last page because of its unique formulation. In monochrome, Unison Toner delivers rich black and grays with sharp details. Unison Toner delivers vibrant color with precise details […] ...
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26 July 2019

The Advantages of HP PurchasEdge For Small Businesses

Loyalty programs can get you great deals through airlines, hotels and credit card purchases. But for small businesses, one of the best loyalty programs is the HP PurchasEdge that rewards them for buying needed office supplies. It’s a program that can save small businesses and office services companies a lot of money over the long […] ...
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25 July 2019

HP JetAdvantage Security

Shared printing environments can create costly security risks for businesses. There are so many possible security breaches – sensitive documents may be seen by unauthorized users left at printers. Abandoned or misplaced prints waste time, supplies, and paper. In multi-business print environments, secure printing can be even more complicated because it requires multiple solutions from […] ...
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24 July 2019

Lexmark is a Leader in Security

Security breaches and attacks can be costly and extremely frustrating to all. They result in lost of privacy, many wasted hours, financial detriments, and overall general frustrations. Lexmark has made it their business to put protection at the top of their list. They provide full-spectrum security for state and local government. Securing a government environment […] ...
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17 July 2019

Should Doctor’s Offices Buy or Lease Office Equipment and Machines?

When it comes to office equipment, small businesses like doctor’s offices should consider a few factors when deciding whether to buy or lease office equipment and machines. Businesses can spend anywhere from $922 to over $1,100 annually in office supplies alone, so it’s no surprise why deciding on how to procure larger capital expenses for […] ...
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1 July 2019

Why Choose HP Over Brother Printers and MFPs

Brother Printers and MFPs may carry a lower sticker price; however, this price doesn’t take into consideration their possible higher cost of ownership. HP Devices can claim 4 main differentiators which include: 1 Energy efficient devices keep work flow moving smoothly. HP has lower energy use and thereby faster print speeds. Quicker first-page delivery Low-melt […] ...
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