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HP Projectors - Discontinued

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HP Projectors
    Model Price Status
HP 118052-001 Projector Lamp HP 118052-001 Projector Lamp
Replacement Lamp Kit For Hp Mp1600120w Uhp Projector Lamp - 1000 Hour
118052-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 189789-001 Projector Lamp HP 189789-001 Projector Lamp
189789-001120w Uhp Projector Lamp - 1000 Hour
189789-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 215464-001 Projector Lamp HP 215464-001 Projector Lamp
Lamp Module For Mp2800, Mp2810130w Projector Lamp - 1500 Hour
215464-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 253364-001 Projector Case HP 253364-001 Projector Case
Deluxe Carrying Case For Mp Series ProjectorsProjector Case - Top Loading - Leather - Black
253364-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 253365-001 Projector Lamp HP 253365-001 Projector Lamp
Lamp Module For Mp1410, Mp1810120w Uhp Projector Lamp - 1000 Hour
253365-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 257892-001 Projector Lamp HP 257892-001 Projector Lamp
Lamp Module L90 For Mp4800200w P-vip Projector Lamp - 1000 Hour, 1500 Hour
257892-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 281730-001 Ceiling-mountable HP 281730-001 Ceiling-mountable
Ceilingmount Kit Cm10 For Mp1200Ceiling-mountable
281730-001 $0.00 Discontinued
HP 295731-B24 Projector Case HP 295731-B24 Projector Case
Carrying Case For Mp1200Projector Case
295731-B24 $0.00 Discontinued
HP Notebook Projection Companion HP Notebook Projection Companion
DLP projector, 100 ANSI lumens, SVGA (858 x 600), 4:3
AX325AA $408.99 Discontinued
HP sb21 DLP Projector HP sb21 DLP Projector
L1510A $0.00 Discontinued
HP xb31 DLP Projector HP xb31 DLP Projector
L1511A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1513A Ceiling-mountable HP L1513A Ceiling-mountable
Ceiling Mount For Sb21 Xb31 ProjectorCeiling-mountable
L1513A $0.00 Discontinued
HP iPAQ MP1200 Microportable Projector HP iPAQ MP1200 Microportable Projector
L1547A $0.00 Discontinued
HP iPAQ MP3800 Microportable Projector HP iPAQ MP3800 Microportable Projector
L1548A $0.00 Discontinued
HP iPAQ MP4800 Microportable Projector HP iPAQ MP4800 Microportable Projector
L1549A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1553A Projector Lamp HP L1553A Projector Lamp
L1553a130w Uhp Projector Lamp - 2000 Hour
L1553A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1556A Projector Case HP L1556A Projector Case
L1556aProjector Case - Top Loading - 13.94" X 5.71" X 12.2" - Nylon
L1556A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1559A Projector Case HP L1559A Projector Case
Ipaq Projector Deluxe Carrying CaseProjector Case - Shoulder Strap - Leather - Black
L1559A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1563A Ceiling-mountable HP L1563A Ceiling-mountable
Ipaq Projector Cm10 Ceiling Mount KitCeiling-mountable
L1563A $0.00 Discontinued
HP xp8010 Digital Projector HP xp8010 Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Xp8010 1800 Peak Ansi Lumens Xga31.2lb
L1575A $0.00 Discontinued
HP XP8020 Digital Projector HP XP8020 Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Xp8020 3100 Peak Ansi Lumens13.4lb
L1576A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1584A Projector Case HP L1584A Projector Case
Soft Carry CaseProjector Case - Clam Shell - Vinyl
L1584A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1585A Projector Case HP L1585A Projector Case
Hard Carry CaseProjector Case - Clam Shell
L1585A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1590A Ceiling-mountable HP L1590A Ceiling-mountable
Ceiling Mount Xp8000 SeriesCeiling-mountable
L1590A $0.00 Discontinued
HP VP6110 Multimedia Projector HP VP6110 Multimedia Projector
L1595A $0.00 Discontinued
HP VP6120 Projector HP VP6120 Projector
L1596A $0.00 Discontinued
HP mp3130 Digital Projector HP mp3130 Digital Projector
L1599A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1620A Ceiling-mountable HP L1620A Ceiling-mountable
Ceiling Mount Connector For Hp Projectors.Ceiling-mountable
L1620A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1622A Projector Case HP L1622A Projector Case
Deluxe Combination Travel CaseProjector Case - Nylon - Black
L1622A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1629A Projector Case HP L1629A Projector Case
Projector Case - Clam Shell - 13.5" X 15.5" X 10"
L1629A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1671A Portable Projection Screen HP L1671A Portable Projection Screen
Screen Presenter 50"30" X 40" - 50" Diagonal
L1671A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1673A Projector Case HP L1673A Projector Case
Carrying CaseProjector Case - Top Loading - Neoprene - Black
L1673A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1674A Projector Case HP L1674A Projector Case
Carry Case Semi Soft For Vp6110 Vp6120Projector Case - Top Loading
L1674A $0.00 Discontinued
HP Mp3220 Mobile Projector HP Mp3220 Mobile Projector
L1675A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1678A Projector Case HP L1678A Projector Case
Carrying CaseProjector Case - Top Loading - Shoulder Strap
L1678A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6310 Digital Projector HP vp6310 Digital Projector
Digital Projector,1600 Lumens,800x600 Resol.,4000 Lamp Life7.7lb
L1686A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6320 Digital Projector HP vp6320 Digital Projector
Hp Vp6320 Digital Projector7.7lb
L1687A $0.00 Discontinued
HP ep7110 Home Cinema Projector HP ep7110 Home Cinema Projector
Hp Ep7110 Home Cinema Digital Projector Digital Projector For Home Cinema Experi12.5lb
L1688A $0.00 Discontinued
HP ep7120 Home Cinema Projector HP ep7120 Home Cinema Projector
L1689a#aba Ep7120 Home Cinema Dlp Xga Dlp-pr Proj12.5lb
L1689A $0.00 Discontinued
HP ep9010 Instant Cinema Digital Projector HP ep9010 Instant Cinema Digital Projector
Hp Ep9010 Instant Cinema Dgtl Projector All In One Digital Projector For Home Ci22lb
L1690A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1696A Projector Case HP L1696A Projector Case
Hp Vp6300 Series Projector CarryingProjector Case - Top Loading - Shoulder Strap - Black
L1696A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1697A Projector Case HP L1697A Projector Case
Hp Vp6200 Series Carrying CaseProjector Case - Top Loading
L1697A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1703A Ceiling-mountable HP L1703A Ceiling-mountable
Ceiling MountCeiling-mountable
L1703A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1704A Ceiling-mountable HP L1704A Ceiling-mountable
L1704A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1705A Ceiling-mountable HP L1705A Ceiling-mountable
Hp Xp8000 Series Ceiling MountCeiling-mountable
L1705A $0.00 Discontinued
HP VP 6121 Portable Projector HP VP 6121 Portable Projector
L1708A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1712A Projector Remote HP L1712A Projector Remote
Remote Control With Mouse FunctionProjector - Projector Remote
L1712A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1731A Projector Lamp HP L1731A Projector Lamp
Replacement Lamp210w Projector Lamp - 4000 Hour
L1731A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1733A Ceiling-mountable HP L1733A Ceiling-mountable
Ceiling MountCeiling-mountable
L1733A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1740A Portable Projection Screen HP L1740A Portable Projection Screen
60-inch Portable Screen29.5" X 52.5" - 60" Diagonal
L1740A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1741A Portable Projection Screen HP L1741A Portable Projection Screen
80-inch Portable Screen39" X 70" - 80" Diagonal
L1741A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6210 Digital Projector HP vp6210 Digital Projector
Vp6210 Lcd Digital Projector Svga 1600 Lumens 6.1lbs 2000:16.1lb
L1743A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6220 Digital Projector HP vp6220 Digital Projector
Hp Vp6220 Digital Projector
L1744A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1753A Ceiling-mountable HP L1753A Ceiling-mountable
Hp Vp6210/vp6220 Ceiling Mount Vp6200 SeriesCeiling-mountable
L1753A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1756A Projector Remote HP L1756A Projector Remote
Hewlett-packard Hp Remote ControlProjector - Projector Remote
L1756A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1768A Projector Case HP L1768A Projector Case
Mp2200 Series Sleeve CaseProjector Case - Top Loading - Vinyl
L1768A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L1769A Projector Case HP L1769A Projector Case
Hp Mp2200 Series Leather Carry CaseProjector Case - Clam Shell - Handle, Shoulder Strap - Leather - Black
L1769A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6311 Digital Projector HP vp6311 Digital Projector
Digital Projector Vp6311 Dlp 1600 Lumens Svga 3.5kg7.72lb
L1791A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6315 Digital Projector HP vp6315 Digital Projector
Vp6315 Dlp Projector Svga 1600lumen 3.5kg 2000:1 1.2x Zoom7.72lb
L1792A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6321 Digital Projector HP vp6321 Digital Projector
Digita Projector Vp6321 Dlp Xga 2000lumen 3.5kg7.72lb
L1793A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6325 Digital Projector HP vp6325 Digital Projector
Vp6325 Dlp Projector Xga 2000lumen 3.5kg7.72lb
L1794A $0.00 Discontinued
HP mp3135 Digital Projector HP mp3135 Digital Projector
Hp Mp3135 Digital Projector3.8lb
L1797A $0.00 Discontinued
HP mp2210 Digital Projector HP mp2210 Digital Projector
Hp Mp2210 Digital Projector U.s. - English Localization1024 X 768 Xga - 2.4lb
L1799A $0.00 Discontinued
HP mp2220 Digital Projector HP mp2220 Digital Projector
Digital Projector Mp2220 Dlp 1400 Lumens Xga 1.1kg2.43lb
L1800A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L2129A Projector Case HP L2129A Projector Case
Projector Case
L2129A $0.00 Discontinued
HP xp7010 Digital Projector HP xp7010 Digital Projector
L2135A $0.00 Discontinued
HP xp7030 Digital Projector HP xp7030 Digital Projector
L2136A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L2139A Projector Lamp HP L2139A Projector Lamp
300w Projector Lamp - 2000 Hour Typical, 4000 Hour Economy Mode
L2139A $0.00 Discontinued
HP mp3320 Digital Projector HP mp3320 Digital Projector
L2140A $0.00 Discontinued
HP L2310A Projector Remote HP L2310A Projector Remote
Hp Vp6300/mp2200/xp7000 Series RemoteProjector - Projector Remote
L2310A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6310b Digital Projector HP vp6310b Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Vp6310b7.7lb
L2314A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6310c Digital Projector HP vp6310c Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Vp6310c800 X 600 Svga - 7.7lb
L2315A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6320b Digital Projector HP vp6320b Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Vp6320b7.7lb
L2317A $0.00 Discontinued
HP vp6320c Digital Projector HP vp6320c Digital Projector
Hp Digital Projector Vp6320c7.7lb
L2318A $0.00 Discontinued

HP Projectors

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